Walleye is DragonSage1331's special OC. Please do not use him without asking-I'll explain why.

Dragon Model
Background Information
Creator DragonSage1331
Main Attribute Deep Water
Elemental Attribute Honesty
Theme Animal Largemouth Bass
Theme Color Blue
Character Information
Gender Male
Occupation Pastor (sometimes), fisherman, golfer, grandfather
Tribe SeaWings
Residence Island in the Sea Kingdom, aka Florida
Allies His family
Enemies He's a pacifist
Likes Fishing, golfing, being with family, especially his grandkids
Dislikes Fish that get away, broken lines
Powers and abilities Normal SeaWing powers
Weapons Fishing rod
Quote *bone-crushing hug to his grandkids*

A Note to All On The Wiki (Please Read This Before Proceeding Further)

Walleye is based off of my grandfather who lives in Florida. He's in his late eighties, and he's just had a stroke. He's all right, but he's lost the sight in his left eye. That's given me a reminder, in no uncertain terms, that he may not be on this earth much longer. So I made Walleye in honor of him to have something to remember him by when he passes on.

To this end, please DO NOT edit or use Walleye without my Express permission. If you did that, that would be like slapping me in the face, saying that my grandfather is free to be changed. And I REALLY DO NOT WANT THAT. So please, ask me before doing anything with Walleye.

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