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Tortilla Flat, also known as New Black Mesa, is a small desert mining and ranching town in the deep western SandWing Kingdom. It's population is around 200 dragons, and it is situated near a small oasis within a series of plains dotted by red rock mesas and canyons. Tortilla Flat is known for being an important stop in the cattle drive from the western SandWing plains to the MudWing kingdom in the east, and also for housing a lucrative mining trade. It is also known for being a very rough, lawless sort of place regularly overrun by bandits, although the current sheriff is working to change that.


Tortilla Flat hadn't always been on the map. No more than ten years ago, the current inhabitants of Tortilla Flat were living in another nearby town called Black Mesa, which was founded a few years before when gold was struck in the nearby canyons. The gold brought a large influx of dragons to Black Mesa, which had formerly been nothing more than a trading post. However, the newfound wealth also attracted the attention of a number of bandit gangs, who made many attempts to raid the town's bank. Finally, one night a gunfight between lawdragons and outlaws caused a fire to break out. Since the town was in the middle of a dry spell and all the buildings had been built from wood, Black Mesa burned to the ground. Many dragons were lost in the blaze.

The former Black Mesa residents were forced to relocate to a new plot of land a few miles away and, salvaging what they could, rebuilt a new town. The official name was New Black Mesa, although the name "Tortilla Flat" overtook it in popularity because of the town's topography was "as flat as 'dem tortillas that One-Eye Ox makes in the saloon."



Tortilla Flat is almost entirely made up of SandWings, although it isn't unusual for the occasional FlameWing or SkyWing to pass through from time to time. They rarely stick around, though. Tortilla Flat is a rough-and-tumble sort of town and many residents harbor deep suspicion towards outsiders, especially outsiders from other tribes.