Sorisanctus's scales are a dark, dark blue; so dark that they could almost be black, although no dragon has yet to make that mistake. Each scale is glossy and sharply defined by brilliant blue highlights. Closer inspection would reveal a subtle spotted pattern along the scales; spots that glitter in the light.

He did not develop RainWings' camouflage scales, although the proteins studding his scales may tint themselves to reflect his more powerful emotions.

As a RainWing and NightWing hybrid, he has a unique form that is dissimilar to most other dragons. For the most part, he resembles a very lean NightWing. The ruffles behind his ear are far shorter than the average RainWing, and he has a mostly NightWing facial structure. His neck-tissue stretches loosely to his chin, as a NightWing's does, and his skeletal structure and tail resemble the sturdy build of a NightWing, rather than the flexibly built agile curves of a RainWing.

Apart from that, though, it's obvious that Sori is not pure NightWing. His neck is longer and thinner, and his ribs and underbelly have the graceful poise of a RainWing. His tail is more flexible than his peers, and the NightWings marvel at just how small his build is. Some may describe him as femenine; others as the runt of the batch, but by other tribes' standards, there is nothing wrong with him.

His form is sleek and lean. If he tried, he could probably pull off a proud and regal stance. Most of the time, though, Sorisanctus can be found resting in comfortable positions with terrible posture. It almost serves to make him feel more real or relatable, although adult dragons find it disrespectful.

The most beautiful effect of his hybrid origin can be seen on his wing membranes. The starry pattern of the NightWings are present along them, but they are tinted red and accompanied by flurries of tiny scales that seem to flicker. Some might find this display as menacing, intimidating, or a smidge creepy, but his warm expressions and soft-spokenness are usually enough to make other dragons feel relaxed and at peace instead.

His facial expressions have a narrow range. If you are just meeting him, you can expect to be rewarded with a warm and friendly smile. He has other smiles for when he's stressed, excited, depressed, or pretending not to be bored, but that's about the extent of his repetoir. When other dragons are around, or he doesn't feel in an emotional mood, his face remains neutral or spaced out. You can expect to almost never see a glare or grimace from Sori. If you do, then something is terribly wrong, and you should probably try to atone for it.