General Silas August Peavey
Background Information
Creator Luster
Main Attribute Loyalty
Elemental Attribute Steam, gunsmoke, gunpowder
Theme Animal Humpback whale
Theme Color Red-brown
Theme Song
MBTI Personality
Character Information
Age 11 (dragon)

23 (human)

Gender Male
Occupation Military airship pilot
Tribe SkyWing
Goal To serve his nation
Residence SkyWing war bunkers
Allies SkyWings, MudWings
Enemies RainWings
Likes Smoke, winning, leading
Dislikes Retreating
Powers and abilities Fire breath
Weapons Command over SkyWing military and a fleet of war zeppelins
Ships Elizabeth L. Kyngesmill
Quote "I told you to leave me alone: I need a minute to smoke and think."

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