Selina Beatrice "Annabelle" Hennessy was created by Luster

Selina Beatrice "Annabelle" Hennessy
Background Information
Creator Luster
Main Attribute Cunning
Elemental Attribute Brass
Theme Animal Black widow spider
Theme Color Blood scarlet and silky white
Theme Song Miss Jackson - Panic! At The Disco
Character Information
Age 19 (dragon)

31 (human)

Gender Female
Occupation Florist, Assassin/Bounty hunter
Tribe NightWing
Goal To be rich, not to get caught
Residence No definite location, though she floats around the small town known as Flyleaf
Relatives All deceased
Allies None
Enemies Whoever her target is
Likes Roses, bells, silk
Dislikes Nosy dragons, the police, cheapskates, dragons who don't pay her or cheat her
Powers and abilities Foresight, fire breath
Weapons Small dagger, poisons
Ships undetermined
Quote "You said you wanted him gone: well, he's gone. Now...I'll be needing my payment."

Selina Beatrice "Annabelle" Hennessy is a middle-aged female NightWing living in historic Pyrrhia, around the time of The Harrows. By day, she is a frivolous, wistful florist, arranging roses in bouquets in her little flower shop with its billowing white silk curtains. But come night, you'll find her shop closed, and you'll find Selina in the local bars, where she lives her alternate life as Annabelle: a deadly bounty hunter, notorious for her trademark ways of killing and the trail of petals she leaves by the bodies.








Being a NightWing, Selina can breathe fire just like the rest of her tribe, and she also has slight precognition; She can't see exactly into the future, but has more of a developed "gut instinct", and gets this kind of feeling if things are going to go wrong. This foresight isn't perfect, and has been incorrect or unresponsive many times, but is reliant enough that she trusts it to guide her if she's wary.

Her flight skills are average, and nothing to be marveled at. She is, however, incredibly sneaky and cunning, and can easily pit-pocket even the most alert of police officers. Her intense slyness also comes in hand when covering her tracks after a murder: with her false name Annabelle, and her profound talent in lying and deception, she can manipulate others with disturbing ease.

In close combat, though, she falls short, and relies on the element of surprise and prefers to kill during the night, when her targets are fast asleep and perfectly helpless.