Samantha Morningstar
Background Information
Creator Kittyluvver
Main Attribute Fabulous wealth
Elemental Attribute Rampant capitalism
Theme Animal Money
Theme Color Money
Theme Song
MBTI Personality
Character Information
Age 30
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual... with a definite preference for gorgeous male trophy husbands. She's on her third marriage.
Occupation CEO of Pyrrhian Oil Corporation
Tribe NightWing
Goal To become as rich as she possibly can
Residence Which one? She has a penthouse in Mountia, a private island in the Bay of a Thousand Scales, and a country estate in any kingdom you could name.
Relatives Sisters Courage, Triage, and Tessellation, father Vainglorious, daughter Sadie Morningstar
Allies Company co-founder Riviera
Enemies Various Ex-Husbands, bratty environmental activists who protest Pyrrhia Oil's actions.
Powers and abilities Typical NightWing abilities
Weapons Bodyguards, a crack team of lawyers who will sue your butt and own you, if you cross her.
Ships ...
Quote "I do what I want. Who's going to stop me?"

This OC belongs to Kittyluvver.


Samantha Morningstar is a female NightWing plutocrat. As CEO of the powerful and often controversial Pyrrhian Oil Corporation, she has become one of the wealthiest dragons in all of Pyrrhia. 


"A new age has come to Pyrrhia," she said, steely eyed. "The time of queens and nobles is gone. This world will be ruled by the dragons who make their own way. And as for me? My daughters will be princesses, and I will build them palaces."


"Anything can be bought. It's just a question of naming the right price."