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Background information
Creator BermudatheSeaWing
Main Attribute beauty
Elemental Attribute life
Theme Color bright blue-green
Theme Animal macaw
Theme Song type here
MBTI Personality type here
Character information
Age type here
Gender female
Occupation being princess, becoming the prettiest dragon on the continent
Tribe RainWings
Goal become the prettiest dragon. Ever.
Residence RainWing palace
Relatives Glory (mother), Deathbringer (unknown to her, father), Starfruit & Cloudberry (sisters), Dartshooter (brother),
Allies Queen Blaze
Enemies SkyWings
Likes flowers, her siblings, etc.
Dislikes war, arguing, SkyWings
Powers and abilities less powerful, but RainWing powers
Weapons she's a normalish dragon!
Ships undetermined!
Quote type here

"I'm no girly girl in life. That is what makes this character challenging to make.'"
~BermudatheSeaWing [creator]

This character belongs to BermudatheSeaWing  Do not use her without my permission, but feel free to ask to use her! Any questions or advice, please do not hestitate to tell me!

"Rio? She cares about her looks to much to be like me. But I'll love her no matter what. She will likely be the only daughter I have.'"
~Glory [to Deathbringer]


Rio is springtime in the prime time of the rainforest, seeing her is breathing in the scents of tropical fruits and flowers. She carries herself with great confidence and grace, never hunched over. Her posture is like a perfect rainforest flower in full bloom. Her jewel flower crown just adds to her unique view of beauty.

Her mother worries that she will never be able to become queen, and maybe she is right. Rio spends to much time acting as a princess, and she is very good at that. Rio is a perfect example of a girly dragonet, in contrast to her mother, the RainWing queen.

Her build is slender and barely any muscle is on her sleek body. She is a princess that does not care for that sort of thing, thinking that she can stun everyone with her unique beauty.

Her scales can change colors, of course, but it takes longer than normal RainWings, as she has NightWing genes too. Because of this, she does not want to be caught as an embarrassing color, so she stays on a few color schemes.

With all of these scale colors, Rio always has a jewled crown present. However, silver strands are braided to look like a leafy circet, and jewels adorn the crown in a flower shape. There are diamonds for the petals, and emeralds for the centers of the flowers of the crown.

Rio is usually in her first color scheme, with metallic green scales, flecked with lighter green sunlight-enhanced spots. She colors her underscales a pale green with tiny black flecks. She has patterned white spots along her necks and around her eyes like many RainWings. Her sweeping wings are a leafy green with white spots.

With this color scheme, she wears a simple white dress with tiny emeralds along the seams.

Rio's second color scheme is a icy-white color with faint metallic blue scales dotting her body. Her underscales are a soft swirling combination of metallic blue and icy-blue. Her wings are silver, fading out to navy blue at the very edge.

She wears a silver dress with this one, fading out to navy at the very bottom and where they sleeves would be. This dress in particular is a very sweeping, simple, and elegant design.

The RainWing princess' last color scheme is a combination she came across while staring at her reflection one day at a lake. It is a bright, sky blue with navy underscales and gold speckles all over.

Her dress for this one is simple and white, gold threads embroidering the patterns along the edges. This dress is in the middle between flowinging and narrow.


"She's got some attitude, Glory. Watch how you raise her!'"


type here

"I'm a RainWing princess. How bad is my history supposed to be?'"


type here

"I'm different around people I like. I'm not as...snotty. I admit sometimes I'm stuck-up.'"


Blaze: type here

Glory: type here

Deathbringer: type here

Jambu: type here

Grandeur: distant relative

relationships in my upcoming fanfic about Rio.

This tabber is for all of Rio's relationships outside of the fanfiction and my world of Glorybringer. Eh, that didn't make much sense...oh well!

Cloudberry: sister

Starfruit: sister

Dartshooter: brother


"You need to have a clear image of what's to come. This will help you.'"


type here

"The best advice on your own beauty comes from others.'"


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