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  • I live in My house (duh. :P)
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is Digital Artist/DJ-Producer
  • I am a guy
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  • See FF chat.. I posted this here too because sometimes people don't see messages of they're not active. :3

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    • Omfg XD

      Its not about that, I was just trying to ensure you didn't dislike me. Please get back on.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I see that you have uploaded your Chat Skins. Don't feel pressured to work with the @imports, I can't make them seem to work for me... I only include them on my skins because other people said that it worked for them, so it's experimental at this point. 

    With my skins, let's use Morrow as an example, I made a page for it under a name of ChatSkin:Skin

    Then I added a page for the raw css at MediaWiki:ChatSkin_Skin.css

    I put the description and the picture on the page, and put the code in the MediaWiki. If you do not want to go through MediaWiki, you can add a page called User:BarronTheSkyWing/ChatSkin/Skin.css instead, or something similar.

    The beauty of the MediaWiki is that only admins can edit it, which is just the four of us for the time being. I will only add users I trust who have their own chat skins or would use this place to test their coding, so it is secure. 

    The other good thing about having code on a MediaWiki page is that it will provide a css debugger for you, identifying where you need fallback values, and targetting other issues.

    I'm sorry for the long post, so I'll summarize
    -@imports are buggy, so they aren't needed.
    -You should make pages called MediaWiki:ChatSkin_Inner_Workings.css and MediaWiki:ChatSkin_Planet_Neutral.css for your css code.
    -You are an admin now, so enjoy.

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