Duchess Elizabeth Lottie Kyngesmill IV
Background Information
Creator Luster
Main Attribute Snobby
Elemental Attribute Brass
Theme Animal Chihuahua
Theme Color mottled rusty black
Theme Song
MBTI Personality
Character Information
Age 19 (dragon)

30 (human)

Gender Female
Occupation Being Duchess, otherwise useless
Tribe RainWing
Goal To be rich
Residence RainWing Palace of Clouds
Allies RainWings, SeaWings
Enemies SkyWings
Likes Money, jewels, wealth, gold
Dislikes Manual labor, learning, being yelled at
Powers and abilities Venom, color-changing scales
Weapons none
Ships Silas A. Peavey
Quote "Is this not the most gorgeous necklace you've every seen?!"

luster stop making wips