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Cyanate is the SwiftWing electric guitarist in the band Alteregologo. She is owned by Happy, who is hanging creepily from the ceiling, watching, to see if you use her character. Beware of the sticky-handed creature.


Cyanate is a white SwiftWing with a bright aqua stripe that pools in little dots around her eyes. Her mane is also aqua, with darker tones nearer to the body. Cyanate's claws and horns are light grey. Her wing-membrane is a whiteish-light aqua color. She has three pierceings on her right ear, but only one on her left ear. Cyanate has a light frame, and long, skinny legs. Her keen, hazel eyes take in all the details. Her ears, however, do not work as well. Being smaller than normal already, the volume of the music she hears and makes have diminished her hearing largely.


Cyanate is laid-back and easygoing. She loves hanging out with her fellow band-mates and her other friends.