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Apis is a very colorful dragon, and is hard to ignore. He stands very tall, with a very lean and toned build. Everything on him seems to be overly long and pronounced: his neck and tail are long and thin, his arms and legs are lanky and awkward, and his wings are sharp and pointed, with a very expansive wingspan. He stands with a very proud and happy posture, and saunters about with a sly grin on his snout. 

His snout is long and pointed, and his ears are also overly large and are usually upright and alert. His eyes are always bright and happy, or sly and flirtatious. His teeth are neat and pearly white, always perfect for smiling for a camera. He boasts a remarkably handsome and beautiful face, and is often the target of many romantic pursuers.

His main feathers, the ones coating most of his body, are a shimmery, iridescent teal, with slight hints of pthalo blue in certain light. His head, including a small part of his throat, are a golden yellow. He has black markings around his eyes, as well as black stripes all down his spine. His horns, claws, and tongue are also all black, and his eyes are a bright white, with a very, impossibly thin gold-colored iris. The crest of feathers along his head and on his tail are a ruddy, earthy orange, each feather tipped with black. His wings, on the ventral side (underneath) are a pale orange, fading to a greyish, light lavender color on his primary feathers. The dorsal side is mostly the same teal as his body, but has splotch of the ruddy orange, and both the ventral and dorsal side has black tips.

Apis usually likes to keep it classy, wearing tuxedos for no reason other than to look snazzy. He will also occasionally wear dresses, but will basically wear anything fancy as long as he decides that it looks good on him.